Become a Partner

Our success is directly tied to our partner relationships. Our partners are big enterprises and boutique agencies. Together, anaZana and our partners are scaling up small and medium companies in different parts of the world. ​We all grow throw collaboration, and get stronger with anaZana at our side.

Explore our partner engagement models or email us to get conversation started.​​

Competitive Advantage

We offer ready made cloud hosted digital turnkey technology that partners can use as a competitive advantage.

Choose the Partner Engagement Model Right for You!

Choose a model that the best fits your business. Email us to get the conversation
started, choose an engagement model or apply for a partnership today.

We invite

value added resellers…

Web designers, marketing and digital agencies, business listing and other companies with a significant number of customers, interested to improve existing, or to provide new value-added web services for their customers and have the opportunity to

…and other partners

We invite also training, technology, service, referral and sales partners ready to provide services in cooperation with anaZana.

Generate new sources of revenue

anaZana analytics and SEO technology will enable Value Added Resellers to identify customers where higher margin services can be offered.

Keep costs to a minimum to deliver new services

anaZana values a Resellers' capability to provide configuration, user consulting, and customization services.​ White labeling is available.

Strengthen customer relationships

anaZana offers a Partner branded version of anaZana services. Partners will have competitive branded web, marketing and eCommerce services for their customers.